Tunna, ljusa, korta fransar och torr hud


Jag följer Francine Widdows som har företaget Eyelash Extensions in Kent, och jag har också gått några av hennes nyligen släppta onlinekurser.
Här förklarar hon hur det kan vara för de som har tunna, ljusa, korta fransar och dessutom har torr hud och hur hon arbetar, trixar och lirkar med dom.

”This is one of my most difficult clients
She naturally has no lashes and can only support 3/4d Max in 0.05
Any more and the extensions will not attach or hold

She also suffers from very dry skin and as such uses a lot of moisture / oil based products that affect retention

Her natural lashes are almost white which means that glue use on her has to be minimal so not to show ( on darker clients you can get away with a bit more glue ) but on her it really shows

But – in order to counteract the oily products she has to use, I decide to use more glue on her to improve the retention but still have to keep it seamless and lightweight.

I also have to make my fans as wide as I can on her to ” fluff ” her lashes out.

She usually comes every two weeks and I do a full removal and new set – which Is something I rarely do as I infill only, as here in the UK our clients tend to want fills and won’t pay for new sets regularly.

But we found that her retention is so much better having full sets as her products break her lash glue down so after 2 weeks the glue is ineffective and she has major loss
Also despite cleaning, her fans close and at fills I have lots of closed fans to remove as her extensions touch her hood when she blinks ( transfer of oils) – you can see a few remaining closed Fans in the pics but I decided to leave

But this is an infill on her as she popped in for a touch up due to an event she has to go to”